Patience Has a Limit, We Don’t / La pazienza ha un limite … noi no! (Franco Ciferri, 1974 )…_noi_no%21%2C_La

Two half-wit brothers Martell and Borgese search for gold their late father has hidden from the army, and both brothers are given half a piece of map from their mother. The U.S army also want the gold, and plenty of fooling around and eating take place before the gold is found.

Just a silly 70’s romp for me, with inappropriate synthesizer music being played most of the time.

Anybody have the Italian DVD???

don’t know for sure if there ever was a dvd release,enquired on videociak site when i saw it for sale but was told release date fell through,if anyone knows differently please post and let us know.

Anybody have an Italian or a Spanish Broadcast version of this film???

I have Spanish DvD rip

Add another half-wit to anyone who would sit down and watch this rubbish. This has to be one of the top five worst Spaghetti westerns of all-time. Nothing but a series of fist fights which makes the title perfect PATIENCE HAS A LIMIT, WE DON’T and that goes for anyone who would attempt to watch this mess.

It looks crappy but… I’ll try to get it.

Here’s a nice good looking spanish poster that I found:


[B]Patience Has a Limit, We Don’t (1974) [COLOR=Red]aka[/COLOR] La pazienza ha un limite… noi no![/B]
[B]- Portugal Transcaribe Video/1988 -[/B]
[B][I][COLOR=Red]More Pics:[/COLOR][/I][/B]


Really bad film with awful music. I can’t actually come up with anything good to say about it.

Rating: 1/10

It seems you didn’t have enough patience, Bill. :wink:

I conjecture it must be really, really bad.

Anybody have a VHS for sale or trade? Preferably the Cinehollywood release but a long as it has English audio, I’m interested.