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Many of you may know, Paramount lets TLE Films compeletely restore the two films. They will arrive this fall completely restored - as I read just right now they found the original original premiere cut of the german dub and they are restoring that now (along with the English one) both in their original mono version completely from scratch (foley and such).

this will be the best DVD releases of these two films world wide.

  • Totally uncut version of FaFdm (MGM is cut!)
  • completely restored german and english original mono tracks
  • all the extras from MGM
  • and for 5.1 surround pimps: MGM’s 5.1 upmix as little extra
  • Optional box sets in wooden box plus senitypes and a golden watch


and last but not least:

[url=http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/redirect?path=ASIN/B000ARA4Z4&link_code=as2&camp=1638&tag=thequentintar-21&creative=6742]buy at amazon.dehttp://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Per_un_pugno_di_dollari

restoration description sheets attached (german)

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yeah. those are must buys. damn MGM for not doing it the same way

So I understand that both the “Nobody’s” and the first two of the dollars trilogy will be out (again) on german special edition. I just got the MGM ones. How will these 2 2DVD’s or the 4 DVD box set add anything new? Aren’t they just milking the cow?

Angel Eyes

[quote=“Angel eyes, post:4, topic:49”]So I understand that both the “Nobody’s” and the first two of the dollars trilogy will be out (again) on german special edition. I just got the MGM ones. How will these 2 2DVD’s or the 4 DVD box set add anything new? Aren’t they just milking the cow?

Angel Eyes[/quote]


i dont know much about the nobody dvds except that the quality is superior

the dollars films will have the most complete versions of the films (the premiere cuts!), so forget MGM. and the image and audio quality will be far better. the extras are the same, the bought them from MGM

here a picture of the box:

so it will be both SEs, a wooden box, some senitypes and a golden pocket watch

Jesus! Why cant we bring out things like this!

haha. well it has english language track, so just import it

I’m sick of all these diffrent versions. They should just release the original, then release a special edition a few years later to all the world.

well… if the world would be perfect… MGM just didnt invest as much money into the restoration of it… thats it… as a consumer, you always have message boards like this one where people help you decide which DVD to get

yeah, it’s a shame becuase they prey on the fans, and while they release all this cool stuff they kniw the fans will buy another copy.

I’m very interested in purchasing these. Please give us any news as you get it Sebastian. Do you know if the extras will be in English or have subs? Also, could you explain more about why you believe these will be the definitive versions. I can’t read the German transfer details. If you have any details about what may be different about the film cuts, I am sure we’re all interested.

since the extras will be the same as on the MGM SE DVDs they will be english and I suppose with optional german subtitltes.

i dont “believe” its a definitive version, its what they said. the company that’s doing the restoration said they discovered film material that is as close to the premiere cut as ever, and as close to the original script as anything that’s been shown before. they even started restoring the oldest german dub because the recent german dub doesnt cover all the new material thats now included.

look at the attached files

I can’t wait to see this. Went ahead and preordered the set with the watch. Ordered the Nobody set as well. Looks like Paramount has its act together - at least in Germany. September will be a long month.

yeah but the kudos goes to TLEFilms, the company that does the restoration for them :slight_smile:

They said that too about their Nobody discs. The films really look fantastic but now it turns out “The Genius” is cut. And they were not even aware of it!

are you talking about the ending? thats a difficult matter. i have followed the discussion and it seems that what people previously watched was footage that the directors never shot but was added later. but you’re right, it also seem like there’s stuff missing. but this is low budget, anarchy italian film style, things get lost, rights are shifted, people die, people buy stuff, mafia etc…

I dont think the content will be any different than the US editions. In one of the extras the “Restorers” mention they found some extra footage for "For a few dollars more " which they added to the movie but its in no way something everybody would notice…and its only couple of seconds although they did add the shady :stuck_out_tongue: prologue to “a fistful of dollars” which i am sure u guys know already…BUT i like the box man drool, looks to be a match for “once upon a time in west” box, BUT this way “the good , the bad and the ugly” will stand out like one sore thumb coz the newer edition DVD boxes were a perfect companinon to that one :frowning: …Sebastian can u list the extras from the german site and how many discs ??

The latest releases have several seconds missing at the end of the scene where Eastwood and Van Cleef are beaten up. This isn’t some legendary missing scene, it was present in VHS versions and TV versions and only seemed to go missing on the transfer to DVD. It may only be a few seconds, but it’s gone, and therefore for anyone wanting a full-length version of the film it’s incomplete. So regardless of the job TLE do (and the NOBODY set does look fantastic), if the scene isn’t there I won’t buy it.

a) the extras of the german DVDs will be the same as the MGM ones already out in the UK (which will be those that will be released in the US later this or early next year)

b) the German DVDs WILL feature the longest cut ever seen, they reportedly found something as close to the original script as never seen before.

c) the quality (i’ve seen pictures already) beats the MGM by several miles

d) they restored both the german theatrical dub and the english dub IN THEIR ORIGINAL MONO and include the mgm 5.1 upmix as a bonus