Paid in Blood / Quelle sporche anime dannate (Luigi Batzella, 1971)

Watched this less-than-low-budget western last night. It seemed very promising when it started off but then went down hill (not too far though, I still thought it was okay… but the beginning was awesome.) I would assume many people don’t like this, but it’s not that bad. If you’re a fan of Demofilo Fidani films, you should like this one… it’s very similar to “His Name Was Sam Walbash…” in both story and appearence.

Haha, just watch GOD IS MY COLT last night, also directed by Luigi Batzella and it’s the same exact movie give or take some scenes and a slightly changed story. Pretty funny… I didn’t watch the whole thing though because I just watch PAID IN BLOOD not too long ago.

Haha, Batzella is such a trashy director, got to love the man! He re-used in a similar manner every somewhat decent (if boring) scen from his crappy partisan-war movie WHEN THE BELLS TOLLS as inserts in the sleaze-classic BEAST IN THE HEAT… He also was an actor in some Italian 60s films, like THE LAST GUN.

I did. It was bad, but quite funny at times

Awesome, that’s in my pile of movies to watch. I wonder if it’s got scenes (or even more) from this movie too… haha. Bruno Mattei did a similar thing too where he took one movie, changed a couple of scenes (redubbed some dialogue and changed character names too) and called it a new movie. Good stuff.,_La/Pictures

The fourth poster, Les âmes damnées de Rio Chico, refers to Quelle sporche anime dannate (not at all bad title, it means Those Dirty Damned Souls) and not to La Colt era il suo Dio, whose French title is Le colt était son Dieu [see Reply #1].

A few screenshots and the director Luigi Batzella - credited as Paolo Solvay - interviewed on set:


Those look great, has this had a release yet?

Are the screenshots from tv rip?

The screenshots are from an Italian TV recording, unfortunately incomplete due to significant reception problems that day.

The station is this one:

Thanks for the link, a bloody shame there were problems, because that print looks great.

Presently available on YouTube (mediocre print) under the English title.

Also available on Mill Creek’s 4 Vengeful Westerns collection.

I haven’t watched enough spaghetti westerns lately since I’ve been so busy. I decided it was time to relax, so I gave this one a watch. I’ve had the Greek VHS for years but never bothered to give it a try. I really enjoyed it. Definitely recommended for anybody who enjoyed God is My Colt. Love these low budget Jeff Cameron films!

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All those millions of fans. :laughing:

To their benefit, next weekend God is My Colt will be broadcast in Italy on Cine34. :laughing: