OUATITW Arch: its state as of aug 2010

(Angel eyes) #1

Hi Gringos, just got back from Monument Valley, where I visited what remains of the arch that is featured in Once Upon A Time In The West. And I must say, it is still very recognizable, too bad only that locals seem to be using the place as a hangout to drink beer. The place is littered with many empty beer cans…But it still is a very special place for spaghetti fans and as all the tourists drive by unknowingly in the distance, you can enjoy it completely unbotherd. It is very easy to find.
(need directions, let me know…). I’ll upload a picture shortly. Do note the weather was less than optimum…

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Can somebody tell me in plain english how to upload a picture…the help option isn’t really straight forward…

ANgel Eyes

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You can upload your picture for example herehttp://www.abload.de/. Then simply post the picture-url like this:

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(Yodlaf Peterson) #5

Great stuff

(Phil H) #6

Hope I can get there one day before it is completely gone.

(Sebastian) #7

still cannot believe I drove past that place in 2007 not knowing it is there… damn

(Phil H) #8

A few years ago I was hoping to see this place before it was gone (see earlier post)

Well, last month I made it and can happily report it is still in place. Had 3 fantastic weeks on the road in California, Arizona and Nevada but this little side excursion over the border into Utah was the highlight for me.


Still surrounded by broken beer bottles by the way but still holding up after 45 years or so.

(Phil H) #9

And here’s a little panoramic shot my son took on his phone which I think looks pretty cool too.


edit. You should be able to click on the images and it will take you to photobucket to see them in larger format.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #10

Nice one, Phil.

(Marvin W. Bronson) #11

That’s very nice!

Years ago, I was out that way plenty of times. Never took the time to look at it. Now I’m kicking myself in the butt!

(autephex) #12

Hmmm I was just enjoying Phil’s photos and then noticed a strange fellar hiding on the side… Maybe he knows something about all those beer bottles :stuck_out_tongue:

I never knew about this. I can probably make it out there sometime since its in the US. Anyone have a link to directions for this particular location in Monument Valley?

(Phil H) #13

;D ;D ;D

Thought there were too many bottles for just one tribe. Ennioo’s presence helps it makes sense.

As for a link, I can give you a google maps one whenever you need it, mate. It’s what was sent to me and was all I needed. It is not signposted nor visible from any main road but only takes about 10 minutes of dirt track navigation and is easy to find when you know where to look.

(autephex) #14

Cool, sounds doable. Could I go ahead and get that google maps link from you so I can bookmark it?

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[quote=“autephex, post:12, topic:2444”]Hmmm I was just enjoying Phil’s photos and then noticed a strange fellar hiding on the side… Maybe he knows something about all those beer bottles :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha,ha…I like it :wink: .