Other SW Characters

I know we are familiar with Django, Sartana, Sabata, Spirito Santo Trinity, Ringo, Hallelujah. But what about other characters, like Navajo Joe, Keoma, and Minnesota Clay? Does anyone think they could have had the same treatment? (Official sequels and Unofficial sequels with a different character-type or use of the name to cash in on the success)

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I could totally see the majority of those characters appearing in other films and having many adventures. Unofficial films would’ve probably been more likely as sometimes it was hard to get certian actors to come back to a role, save for Lee Van Cleef as Sabata and Robert Woods as Pecos Martinez.

Burt Reynolds was reported as unhappy with the overall environment and atmosphere of Navajo Joe, especially with “the wrong Sergio”, and I imagine he wouldn’t have come back even for 10 times his usual fee.

Keoma I believe was a one time only character, but Franco Nero did play a look alike character in 1991’s Johnathan of the Bears.

Since Italy in that period was making 50 to 100 films a year, it’s quite plausible those characters got lost in the shuffle.

What movie was Pecos Martinez in?

Robert Woods played Pecos Martinez twice: Due Once di Piombo (My Name is Pecos/2 Ounces of Lead) (1966) and Pecos e Qui: Prega e Muori (Pecos Cleans Up/Pecos is Here: Say Your Prayers) (1967)

I would like to know if there are other Spaghetti Western characters like Django, Ringo, and Sartana? Where there anyone using the name Gringo?

Richard Harrison played a character called Gringo in the 1963 SW Duello nel Texas (Gunfight at Red Sands).

Giuliano Gemma and Anthony Steffen each played a character named Arizona Colt, Tomas Milian played Cuchillo twice, George Hilton played a character called Allejuia twice, and of course you had Tony Anthony playing The Stranger and Blindman.

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Don’t forget Sabata. Lee Van Cleef twice and Yul Brynner once.

visit https://www.spaghetti-western.net
in the search, enter: Gringo

Plus Holy Ghost, Tressette, Trinity, Providence, Pecos, Silver…
All featured in more than one film

I’ll probably kick myself, but who is ‘Silver’ ? OK … should have known this one, Peter Lee Lawrence … Doh! :wink:

Here’ some more from list I once made. Characters that appear in more than one film and with (most known) actor.

Man with no name (Clint Eastwood)
Django (Franco Nero)
Sartana (Gianni Garko)
Ringo (Giuliano Gemma)
Stranger (Tony Anthony)
Sabata (Lee Van Cleef)
Hallelujah (George Hilton)
Trinity+Bambino (Terence Hill & Bud Spencer)
Cat Stevens+Hutch (Terence Hill & Bud Spencer)
Cuchillo (Tomas Milian)
Providence (Tomas Milian)
Pecos (Robert Woods)
Tresette (George Hilton)
Nobody (Terence Hill)
-not really the same character though in Nobody’s the Greatest.
Shanghai Joe
Clint the Stranger (George Martin)
MacGregor family
Holy Ghost (Vassili Karis)
Kitosch (George Hilton)
-Can’t remember if there was any connection in Time of Vultures or did they just use the same name.
Amen (Luc Merenda)
-There’s other Amen characters too but Luc Merenda played the Trinity type in two movies.


That’s it Aldo.

Peter Lee Lawrence played the character in Killer Caliber 32 and Gianni Garko played him in The Price of Death. Both played in very different styles but it’s the same detective character

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Fernando Sancho is ‘Carrancho’ is quite a few movies - can’t remember them all though.

’Viva Carrancho !’ would probably be the first, in 1965.

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Cjamango” character with Ivan Rassimov and George Ardisson.

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What movies where those characters in?