I just today looked at your great site for the first time and it is indeed very informative!

Only I think it is a bit confusing when you read “american OST” from… “german OST” from… etc.

AS a soundtrackcollector I think it is important to know IF a soundtrack-CD was released in a SPECIAL version in let’s say the US!

Is it an idea to underline that the (ONLY if so) ITALIAN CD is available from Amazon in “these countries”???

i think the main point is that we have “buy” links and we are only partners of amazon sites and so it’s a point of telling where people end up when they click on the link.
but you’re right, you only have to say “french ost” etc if the cd is different from the standard soundtrack cd

hey welcome
eventually an other guy who edit the OST :wink: ;D

i think you’re right .Thats a point i never noticed…But what IT means ?? Italien ?? I mean first you wrote IT and then Italien … I just ask so that i can edit it right :wink:

Btw :do you think we should list up some SW-Song Collections ??

and:If you edit an Composer use this ‘’‘Music:’’’ [[:Category:Bruno Nicolai | Bruno Nicolai]] for example and you have to edit him in the Category: [[Category:Bruno Nicolai]]

When everything is Italian than you can cut off the IT in the link. Only “Buy the OST at Amazon.BLA”…

Thats because i asked.
BTW:Do you want to use this:’’‘Music:’’’ [[:Category:Bruno Nicolai | Bruno Nicolai]]
or this:’’‘Music:’’ Bruno Nicolai

??? :wink:

I would choose this one: ‘‘Music:’’ [[:Category:Bruno Nicolai | Bruno Nicolai]]

Cause when you visit the real wiki’s pages it is done in the same way. When the name first appears, use a link. afterwards don’t do so.

I didn’t write in this way cause i was too lazy.

But this shouldn’t be the next big step to do. That’s important: http://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Spaghetti_Western_Database:Community_Portal

Btw :do you think we should list up some SW-Song Collections ??
what about this idea ???

everything related to SWs. So why not… :wink:

The CD “Western Graffiti” is a nice compilation of sw music by both Morricone and others, a great record to begin with.

yeah ,i have this Cd ,it s one of the best you can get. unfortunately you canot get in on Amazon…

I made a new “Buy Section -Style” in the Corri uomo Corri OST Page .Do you like it ?? I think about to use this style on any OST Page …