Oro e piombo (2019 / Emilino Ferrera)

Hi there, I’ve got this news. Actually it’s a great news!! A new spaghetti western is just been born.
Do you know anything about that? The title is Oro e Piombo (Gold and lead) and was entirely shot in Italy. They dedicated this movie to Sergio Leone. 30 years after he died.
That’s the link for watching the trailer ! Take a look

Let me know what you think about that!!


It’s not the first production to use Leone’s name with their advertising campaign … and that’s a bit of a cheat to begin with, isn’t it ? :roll_eyes:

I normally don’t check out newer films these days as a lot of them seem uninspired, but this one looks really good and has the feel of the classic SW Era. I’ll definitely be checking this out, in the original Italian language of course. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have two treatments for SW films in my head right now I’ll need to jot down.

It is a little bit of a cheat, using Leone and all, but sadly he’s the only name associated with the genre that most people from the last 30 years or so would know. This doesn’t mean the director and screenwriter(s) weren’t genuinely inspired by him, and others of course.

Damn, just watched the trailer for “Gold and Lead” - looks mighty fine to me, I’ll run this movie down and let y’all know what I think.

I am probably late on this topic, but I have seen the movie few months ago and I have had the opportunity, very recently, to meet the staff, in a small event near Rome (a spaghetti western festival in Camerata Nuova).

The move is a very low budget production, but the result is very good and it is a sincere tribute to Sergio Leone and to the whole spaghetti western genre. We can see the “man with no name” acting as a force of justice in few crucial moments of the strory.
The character is performed by the director Emiliano Ferrera himself and it is very faithful to the original.

In Italy it is available on Amazon Prime Video. I don’t have information about international distribution.

Please let me know if you want more information about the movie or the festival.


Welcome to the comunity. How cool that you have seen it!

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Ok so it needs to go in the SWDb. Who wants to do the honors?

I’m friends with the director Emiliano Ferrera on Facebook and I just messaged him to let him know we’d like to add the film to the Database and if he could provide the cast and characters list. The IMDb only lists the actors and not who they played.