"Only way to settle this argument is to play Russian roulette"

I hope for your help very much!
I search for a long time for a film in which there is here such piece of a scene with Russian roulette.

[b]Only way to settle this argument is to play Russian roulette
Do you know how to play Russian roulette?
No, I don’t…
You play Russian roulette this way:

I have this pistol
One bullet in chamber
Spin cylinder
cock the gun
Hold the gun to your head
And pull the trigger

I go first
Good luck
Now you go
Here is the pistol
Aha you lose![/b]

Also I upload audio from this scene:


Very much I wait ANY your assumptions! Thanks!

Is it Sonora aka Sartana does not forgive?

Has just looked this film and not found anything similar :-\

If i remember right in ‘Last train for Durango’ is such a scene,but only in the uncut one from Koch …

Hm, I can’t find it in English.
German, Italian, Spanish only.
Most likely it not that… :frowning:

I know this is a rather old thread, but I was recently asked about this quote in forum about 80’s mix, remix & megamix… This quote is also used sampled in a few megamixes e.g. The Mufflers’ Put Put Mix 1… So I did some beat digging and here’s my finding;
The quote origins from a 1961-record with Bob Prescott (comedian & sound effects maker) & Cy Harrice (commercial announcer for e.g. General Motors, Pall Mall & Ford)… In 1961 they made a record called ‘Russian Roulette (And Other Bullet-Proof Gags)’… The quote also appears on;
Bob Prescott: Cartoons In Stereo (Audio Fidelity ‎– DFS 7008), Bob Prescott / Cy Harrice: Cartoons In Stereo - Comedy Strips With Sound Effects (7" Audio Fidelity ‎– 155 222 FBV) og compilation-LP’en Stereo Spectacular Demonstration & Sound Effects (Audio Fidelity ‎– DFS 7777)

Here’s the full track/quote (starts @ 00:00:43);