One Damned Day at Dawn … Django Meets Sartana! / Quel maledetto giorno d’inverno … Django e Sartana … all’ultimo sangue! (Demofilo Fidani, 1970)

What to do you think about it?

Despite its trashy moments and the sometimes substandard direction, i quite liked the atmosphere of the ‘‘damned’’ Black City and Hunt Powers who played the badass Django was pretty good imo. It’s surely b-class stuff, however the spaghetti feel is present in every second and that’s certainly a plus for me.

I only know the other Django and Sartana by Fidani…

One of Fidani’s better films if not the best. Cheaply made of course but atmospheric film with good cinematography and cool gunfights.

Been a while since I saw this though… but I’d rate it 3 and half out of 5 stars.

don’t remember it extremely well, since i have only watched it once and that was a while ago… but i do remember thinking it was pretty decent. If i’m remembering this one correctly, my main problem was the ending gunfight- which was pretty tedious and boring

I’d only heard the worst about Fidani and was expecting something truly dreadful. Like sub-Invasion of the Blood Farmers awful. But the atmosphere was evocative and everyone seemed competent enough.

Not exceptional by any stretch of the imagination, but you can do much worse. Yeah, 3 out of 5 stars is probably fair.

Nowhere near as silly (or as intermittently dull) as other Fidani films, but still pretty odd and disjointed. Which, I guess, is part of its appeal.

Testi is wasted (don’t expect him to be a ‘proper’ Sartana) but there’s enough incident to keep the attention and Fidani’s direction is relatively solid.

Not seen this
I suppose he does the best he can … :wink:

I like this one quite a bit. 6/10 for me.'inverno…_Django_e_Sartana_all%27ultimo

A very un-Sartana like young man (Testi) arrives in town to fill the vacant sheriff’s position. Django (Powers) arrives, with a definite agenda. After the new sheriff is challenged to a duel at dawn by the town baddie, Django offers his help, is refused and takes matters into his own hands. In a Liberty Valance type twist, the town believes the sheriff to be the hero, but the hero will have none of it and decides a lawman’s life is not for him. But…

With plotholes aplenty, unclear motivations, characters popping in and disappearing, changing climate conditions (dusty to muddy and back, winter to sweaty, wind and fog?) hourly, lots of fightfights (serious, not comic), decent music, this is a ‘classic’ Fidani. I had a blast. A much better time than a slapstick ‘comedy’.

Just finished this one. Thought this was a good one, although it does get a lot of hatred. It was not that bad and was pretty enjoyable. I liked the scenes with the back story alot.

Wild East will realase this one along with Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows 8).

great news, hope they do a good job with them as the current releases aren’t terrible

My Global dvd of Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows has ghosting problems, so hope the Wild East release will be better in this regard.

This is the best Fidani of 3 i’ve seen so far, he’s not even a bad director, can’t believe I avoided it for so long.

I definitely think Fidani is better than his reputation. His movies are ultra-low budget, but i like that about them. ;D

this is being shown on sky channels movies for men 2 at the moment, haven’t got around to seeing it yet but will tape it when i can, and have a look.

I haven’t seen this yet. I think I might have it on DVD-R, but can’t find the disc wallet with my spaghetti DVD-Rs! ???
I’m trying not to panic! :o

Phew!!! Found it, but I don’t have this film… I’ll get it when the Wild East disc comes out, which I’ll mainly be buying for Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows.

Both good flicks. Looking forward to this as well.

Just watched the WE version of this. Wasn’t expecting much but, not a bad spag at all. Hunt Powers/Jack Betts is pretty decent.