Once upon a time in turky

I was looking on the internet on the great sw site www.fatmandan.de , I think allmost all released spaghetti´s are named here. You can see the original movie posters and some nice too the point information about the movies that you are searching for. I also discovert for myself that there are alot af westerns(around 40) made in turky. I dont hink these movies will compare with the leone stile or corbucci or tessari or sollima …but maybe they are good contrebutions to the fidani style. for me It sounds promesing westerns in spaghetty style from beginning seventies made in turky!wow!I can imagen so many things!
Is there someboday wo can tell me more about these movies ??? did somebody see them ??? can I have them ;D are they released outside turky ??? please led me know if you know anything!!!

I haven’t seen any turkish westerns, but maybe you can find bootlegs somewhere.

Here’s some more info:

[i]The flourishing trend of non-American Western films in Europe, particularly those from Italy, created a huge impact on many countries’ cinema markets. Turkish Cinema was no exception – many producers followed the lead and produced a number of Westerns. Turkish cinema audiences liked Westerns and the arrival of the Leone films created a lot of interest. Some of the Turkish Westerns, produced between 1965 and 1972, were fairly nice, but many were made just for the sake of making money. Although the exact number of Turkish Westerns is unknown, best guesses range from 20 - 40.

Many prominent stars of the day played in these films, and many of the stories were stolen from foreign counterparts – many were also lifted from the comic books we used to read like Tom Mix, Tom Braks, Red Kit (Lucky Luke), etc.

Flimsy coustumes and decors reflected the limited budgets. These were the days when importation was constrained and film producers did not have a solid infrastructure in Turkey. The films were partly shot at locations in Istanbul, Denizli and Goreme.

Kucuk Kovboy (Ringo Kid, 1972) directed by Guido Zurli and starring Cuneyt Arkin and Ilker Inanoglu, is in my opinion one of the best of the Turkish Westerns. Filmed at Cinecitta Studios in Italy, it has a consistent story line and good photography. It should be noted that many of the Turkish Westerns “borrowed” music from the Spaghetti Western films.

I was stunned when I learned that the majority of Turkish Westerns have been lost – the companies went bankrupt and the negatives were burned along with their sold properties. The Turkish Cinema has come a long way since then, and recently displayed some major world-class productions. But, as Western film lovers, we will remember these films as weird and different contribution to the Genre.


from were did you copy this text?
It would be very interesting to see a few of these movies. allthough i think most of them are bad, still afew are ok. there are a few cooperations with italy and 1 till 4 good turkish productions. I think from the lets say 40 movies still 5 or 6 are good (spaghetty) westerns.
It would be great to get a copy of one of these movies, but untill now I didnt find any of them.

the turkish westerns (I founded out that the quality of the movies is really to cry for) are also known as kabap westerns, there was a documentairy about these movies on the french arte channel a few months ago, to bad I didnt see it!

yeah there are also lots of movies in germany, sweden etc…
fatmandan also lists all non-italian eurowesterns. he said I’m taking all the work away from him with our site ;-))

fatmandan is the king! I dont understand where he finds all the information about the movies? I think alot of these movies he has on his site are not even listed!
maybe we should have a special subject about fatmandan :smiley:

HEY sebastian ,why not ask fatman dan if he is willing to down load some of his movie posters on this site? he has hundreds,he could add them to the database.

yeah i talked to dan a little, but not about joining forces or anything… but he mentioned somthing like I take all the work off his shoulders by making this site so maybe some day… who knows…
we’re just having fun, loving these films and all that… it’s not really a business with mergers, acquisitions and competition i think

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