Once Upon a Time in the West - The Best Western Opening?


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Love this dude right here, Tarantino is the Man. :clap::relaxed:

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Many references to many different movies. hence Tarantino’s genius. :grin::ramen::spaghetti::clapper:


Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Agreed. I love directors like Hitchcock, Scorsese,Lynch,Kurosawa, Tarantino and of course Corbucci and Sollima etc. but if you asked me the only two true geniuses to make films were Leone and Kubrick.

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This would be an extremely disappointing number.

Luckily for me I see there many, many directors who made brilliant films. Amongst them also modern directors.


So is his whole Shtick just to pay tribute to his favourite films?


There’s a lot of directors I love including the ones I listed and many others, even some modern directors though I don’t watch too many new films. But if you asked me which directors deserve to go down with the likes of Mozart, Shakespeare and Robert Burns etc. it’s only Kubrick and Leone for me in that regard.

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For me many more.

Ophüls, Fellini, Peckinpah, Lynch, Kieslowski etc etc


They’re up there, but I couldn’t rank them that high. It’s just me personally though.

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It’s all personal, always.

Isn’t Shakespeare shit compared to Leone? :wink:


No comment

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A comparison with Kurosawa (who was pretty influential on Leone) instead could make for an interesting discussion:

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All five of Leone’s solo-directed Westerns. Even Juan taking a leak on an anthill in Duck, You Sucker! has something profound about it (in a symbolic sense, with Juan unwittingly taking on the role of the careless capitalist).


Here in the U.S., this man is not read enough.


He does seem to be overlooked in The States, here in the UK (especially Scotland) he’s considered one of the best, some (including my uncle, who has read more than I can count) say he is the best.


Robert Burns achieved more with his writing then any writer since Shakespeare.


Maybe JRRTolkien, George RR Martin, or J.K Rowling might have passed him but it’s highly doubtful. ( Tolkien maybe.) John Steinbeck of course was wonderful, and Mark Twain, as well as Ernest Hemingway, and possibly one of the beat generation writers like Allen Ginsburg, but still not the level of popularity as Burns. I do like Vonnegut quite a lot, and think Hunter S Tompson, and William S Burroughs are quite good and popular, but doubt that their sales exceed 100 million. Steven king Allan Moore and Phillip Larkin all have achieved greatness with their works I’m not sure of ( sales wise at least.) HP Lovecraft though has quite some influence! and as you can see I’m pretty sure he’s America’s most influential writer of the last two hundred years, but I couldn’t tell you sales figures.


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I will go on record as saying its top 5 greatest westerns ever made . My father had seen the original theatrical release and walked out after the movie wondering what the hell he just saw. Years later we watched the restored version and he elevated to his top , as he called them dusters .