Once Upon a Time in the West - The Best Western Opening?

New to the site, but here’s my video on one of the greatest opening ever committed to film, and of any western.

Tell me what you think? What’s your favourite Western opening?


This one.

The opening of The Wild Bunch is very strong as well, the best part of the movie (along with the death walk)

Django the Basterd is another memorable opening

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Django the Bastard, what a choice! I didn’t even think about that one.

Certainly up there, with the very best…

Anyway, a BIG welcome, to the site…

Thank you for the warm welcome. I love Westerns, so I think I’ll be reading through this site for the next few days.

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Especially this moment:

I wonder if best opening scenes will be the next Top 20 list…

The Dirty Outlaws
If You Meet Sartana Pray For Your Death

Looking outside of the spags (and outside of appreciable reality): El Topo

Welcome to the SWDB, wenbilson!

Do you have a couple in mind for that list?

“Always alone, aye” “I was born that way” - The Dirty Outlaws
That retort always tickles me.

Off the top of my head…

A Sky Full of Stars For a Roof
The Big Gundown

It would seem I have some watching to do!



OuTW of course

And The Wild Bunch also, it is extremely powerful, like the whole film.

And the time overlapping montage with the Dylan score at the beginning of Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid is another masterful opening.

The ouverture scene in 40 Guns, and also the tracking shot in Run of the Arrow (I’m sure Leone saw this), both by Sam Fuller.

There are more, much more.

Of course there are many more, but the ones I mentioned, immediately came to mind.

In the case of A Sky Full of Stars it’s not the entire opening scene, only a part of it, so maybe it doesn’t count. The opening of Tepepa is very good, with this car breaking down, the Mexicans pushing it, Morricone’s music and the line ‘Le gusta Mexico, señor?’

Absolutely. The scorpions, the roof, the bank, the siege, the breakthrough, that crazy bastard left behind…But whole finale is equally good imo, not just the walk.

OUTIW is one of ther greatest in history of any genre too, of course,

Sticking to spags, I wanted to mention Tepepa, but I see you’ve already done that too. I also agree with everything said about that one.

Another one is For a Few Dollars More. Very minimalistics and mixed with roto credits, but what a great iconic sequence it is.

Navajo Joe is really memorable for me, but Silver Saddle, oh man Silver Saddle!

If one were to look at best western openings ever ( Non- Spaghetti)


From the Turner Preview cut, right?

There’s a list on here for best opening credit sequences. Here’s the link.

I love Once Upon a Time In The West’s opening, but I also love fancy animated opening titles as well, and I’d say my personal favorite is Un Dollar Bucato.

Other favorites are Arizona Colt (love the stop motion revolver!) and Corri Uomo Corri.

Also here’s some info on Ignio Lardani, the man behind many of the animated opening sequences.