“Once Upon a Time in the West” Movie Set Diorama

Hi guys ! I am presently doing a 1/24 scale storyboard diorama based upon this movie.It is a fantasy piece using lots of artistic license,and is my version of an old west movie set theme park.The main focus will be the opening scene and Jill’s arrival at Flagstone.Hope you like it. Cheers! John. :slight_smile:

Here Is approximately where I am with Jill’s arrival scene at Flagstone.

I will be using pics as backdrops for different sets.

I’d like to see how it turns out when the camera goes above the station and you see the town, that and Fonda’s entrance are my favourite scenes.

Wow. I love stuff like this. Looking forward to seeing this develop.

Those are great scenes in a movie filled with great scenes !

There sure are, it’s my favourite film btw. (as other on here well know ;))

Hi Guys ! it has been awhile.I am now back working on the Leone diorama.I will post some pics.Cheers! John.









Looking good John.

Are you going to make a carriage for Mr Choo Choo?

Terrific so far.

That’s pretty cool! Reminds me of all the model train layouts you see at the model train shows. I always marvel at the work people do as I don’t think I would have the skill or patience. Will look forward to more pictures :slight_smile:

Loving the detail of this, well done so far !