OMG Ent. online shop

(Sebastian) #1


ships worldwide and accepts paypal. haven’t tried it myself, but I did a link exchange, and they have asked to use our plot synopsises

(Silence) #2

Looks good, Seb!

(Bill san Antonio) #3

They have some cool t-shirts too.

(Dillinger) #4

I only had a brief look at the first page and it looks fuckin great! So many nice items and I only got a glimpse!

(Søren) #5

They are kind of pricey though. €13.49 for the Koch Media releases that cost €9-10 elsewhere. And a €22 a piece for the German ‘hartbox’-releases is also kind of steep.

(Sebastian) #6

i’d say it’s within the realms of realism

(Bad Lieutenant) #7

I find them expensive too, but the customers are satisfied.
I’ve read various opinions on this forum
The guy that runs the shop is also active there as a forum member.

(candela) #8

Some of the dvds I received were not sealed and had fingerprints. That’s ok if you buy 2nd hand but I don’t like shops that do that. Got a free OMG t-shirt though so it evened out this time.

(autephex) #9

Does the shirt say OMG on it?

(Sebastian) #10


(autephex) #11