Oldest Surviving Spaghetti Western Veterans


Watching ‘Sabata’ recently, I noticed a familiar face whose name I didn’t know … so I Googled the movie, to discover that Antonio Gradoli was born March 19th, 1917 … and is still with us - Bravo Antonio! :grinning:

Love to hear of any other participants from the genre who are still alive and well, heading toward triple figures.


Antonio Gradoli may be the winner. Kirk Douglas is older and did an Italian heist movie but no Spaghetti. Potentially living past 100, I’d say Eastwood has a good chance but he’s got a ways to go.


Clint will be delighted to hear that! :smile: Might even offer you a commission to design the poster for his next movie.

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In the strict sense off-topic, but anyway: A very old guy I came across some years ago was Swiss actor Lukas Ammann, who played the judge in Tonino Valerii’s I giorni dell’ira. Ammann was born in 1912 and died at the age of 104 last year.


Wow! … thanks for that, Companero :smile:

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Strangely, the Italian Wikipedia seems to doubt that Gradoli’s still alive (“è stato,” past).


Perhaps he died of embarrassment after his last film appearance, in ‘TRINITY PLUS THE CLOWN AND A GUITAR’ (1975) ? :rofl:

Haven’t seen it, but I’d suspect from the title it’s not a classic


Maybe Italian Wikipedia has taken that into consideration and by stating that he “was an actor” they meant he was an actor… until that appearance. :wink:

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More really old guys, a nonagenarian and a centenarian: Salvatore Rosso, born in 1920, and Mario Maffei, born in 1918.

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Tom Felleghy was born November 26, 1921. As far as I know he’s still alive.


Here he is in ‘Arizona Colt’ (1966)