Old Westerns that have lost Copyright?

I was curious of any spaghetti Westerns that have lost there copyright ?

Mostly so I could have abit of fun & Dub the film in a “Kung Pow” kind of way

Most of the obscure ones.

Like… ? ;D

Everything that’s not on DVD I should think.

If only life were that simple. In reality you can’t make such blanket assumptions. Just because no one has seen fit to release a film into the market doesn’t come close to meaning that no one has the rights to do so. Also, copyrights in one country won’t be the same as in others. The U.S ‘public domain’ rules as opposed to those of other nations are a simple case in point. Consequently, I would assume every film has active copyright with someone or other unless you find definite proof to the contrary.

I doubt any are public domain in Australia since they have been in Berne since 1928. I guess it depends on how they protect their own works (they have to protect foreign ones the same way). But I don’t really have any interest to read through their laws now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would think they are all also copyrighted in most (if not all) of Europe.

In USA also probably no PDs unless somebody can explain why URAA (which automatically gave and restored copyrights to titles that are still copyrighted in their country of origin, even if the title had previously been [or fallen into] public domain in the USA ) wouldn’t have an effect on some of the titles.

But I don’t think any copyright owners would actually care about your dubs unless used for commercial purposes (if even then…).