Old movie from the western channel

I am trying to find out a movie That I watched on the western channel when I was younger. All I remember from the movie was a scene in a bar when one guy says “you Knew my old pop?” the next guy say’s “I knew him well enough to say that.” the entire bar was quiet and the bar was filled with people. any help would be appreciated.

That could be anything, got something else to go on

Yeah thats pretty vague. Could be almost any western.

I wanna say there was a glass jar in the movie. Where they had to put there hands on the outside and if they moved it away they lost and in the jar was a snake. to prove a point one of the main characters removed the lid and put his hand inside the jar. I’m pretty sure this is in the same movie.

I have no idea but it sounds cool. Be interested in seeing that.

I know this movie, let me think on it and I will give you a title

Although I highly doubt it’s the movie you’re looking fo… Kill the Poker Player has quite a comical scene with a bar and snake in a bag(?) I haven’t seen it in a while and don’t really remember what the film as a whole was about.

I have this movie (maybe I viewed on netfix) but I have too many westerns, I have probably only seen it once so thats why it escapes me. But I’m still trying… so give me a bit of time and let me talk to a few people and I will come up with it.

Wow, I know it… Lee Marvin reaches in the jar at the start of Great Scout & Cathouse Thursday, that’s probably the movie you’re thinking of.

There was also a scene like this in The Culpepper Cattle Company but no one actually puts their hand inside the jar, only on the outside.

the Great Scout & Cathouse Thursday was the movie I saw with the snake, but not the movie I am looking for for the pop quote. thanks tho. I thought they might be two separate movies.

I think it was in black and white. rrrrrr I wish I could remember what it was

That flick isn’t black and white the one im thinking of is culpepper cattle co.

Sorry but that is not it.

The only other thing I can maybe think of is that I know I watched a lot of movies with Randolf Scott in them, but I don’t want to be just throwing out random ideas. I honestly don’t remember a lot from the movie besides the scene mentioned in the first post.