Official SWDb Facebook page



Join, invite your spaghetti-lovin’ friends, spread the word!!! Post on the wall, discuss films, share links, meet new people!

Thanks everyone for joining and inviting more friends! It’s a great community spanning the whole globe!

Great. I just joined and I added you Seb. I am part of another group called Once upon a time in Italy, but the people there are not too knowledgeable about SW’s. They only seem to know Leone.

I have another group called “Lee Van Cleef Deserves a Star on the Hollywood walk of fame”

yeah saw that one. you could post the address to our facebook group in these two other groups’ walls, that would attract people for sure

I’m in :slight_smile:

I’ll join tonight when I can access facebook

Hola, Sebastian!

Great idea for the facebook group. I just joined.
I am a member of several other SW groups on facebook; but, none of them are very interesting. I posted some pictures to one of them and almost no one noticed!
I am sure your group will be much better.

All the best,

And welcome back Chris :slight_smile:

Back for good this time I hope ?

See you around amigo.

Heh heh heh!

Glad someone noticed I was gone in the first place, amigo!

I plan on sticking around for quite awhile, compadre.

greetings from new york y’all

thanks for joining the group

I am and anyone feel free to add me. Just don’t send me any stupid application invites LOL

I joined as well.

thanks guys. I’m just pushing this because the SWDB group fell behing (180 members) the deuce (280 members or so) and the QTA (beyond 1000)


as many of you may have noticed, we’re phasing out the group in favor of a new page:

as a special treat, we’ll be revealing a new exciting SWDb project exclusively on that page, later this month

we have launched the project, have you checked it out yet?

I have to admit I’m still puzzeld about it … :o What’s the difference between the old and the new Page and why it cannot be merged in an easier way :slight_smile:

the old was a group, not a page. and facebook doesn’t allow merging. for the user, it looks very similar, but a page offers lots more oppurtunities for what we really want to do here. so don’t worry, just join the page and pretend nothing ever happened :slight_smile: aside from the cool new project we launched

Don’t worry thanks to reminder No 2 (or 1) I already joined the page. :wink:

hehe there’ll be at least one more for those who haven’t left the old group :stuck_out_tongue:

Done & Done nice job !

it has a new look, powered by dicfish! check it out!