Nosferatu in Venice

Anyone seen this flick with Kinski? Probably a bomb, but I ordered it anyway - couldn’t resist!

Enjoyed it and thought it was more enjoyable than the 1979 Nosferatu the Vampyre.

Been meaning to watch for a while after reading some positive posts about it here on the forum. Maybe will do so today as feels like a lazy sunday

Watched this and have mixed thoughts. It has a cool soundtrack, great cast, some nice scenes & atmosphere but kinda feels like the film doesn’t have any direction. This impression may have something to do with the fact I watched it over 3 separate sittings, guess I will have to wait until a future viewing to really make my mind up.

Possibly one of those films which gets a bit better after another viewing.

Finally got it in the mail and watched it…I agree - nice cast, atmosphere, etc., but no sense of direction.

Story goes that Kinsky got the director fired and someone else came in and finished it, and it shows if that was the case.

You would get the idea from this flick that Venice has only about 7 or 8 people in it (the cast), that Vampires have no problem walking around in the sun, and are more interested in sex then drinking blood (I would gamble that was Kinski’s idea after reading his bio)…

I would take the Herzog film above this one for miles, although I can see how some wouldn’t take to it…it’s very heavy, serious, and grim…but I like that.

Everything is personal taste, after all…

Nosferatu is also looking pretty good in this one, he’s changed his hair style or something

A quick take on it, Just saw it and it is well shot production with a good score.
In addition to Kinski back as the vampire, it has Christopher Plummer and Donald Pleasance.
Its not really a sequel though, and one Kinski’s last roles.