Nordestern films

The last year or so I’ve watched a number of Brazilian films, so-called nordesterns, also called cangaceiro films. In real bad picture quality and in a language I don’t understand. I watch them again and again and enjoy them immensely. So perhaps I should leave it at that. But then again, I should really like to watch them in better picture quality. And there are DVDs to be had, but it seems the Brazilians don’t ship DVDs abroad. So, @El_Topo or others, do you have any suggestions as to how it is possible to get this stuff out of Brazil?


These are the films:

Cangaceiro |1953|Lima Barreto
A Morte Comanda o Cangaço |1960|Carlos Coimbra
Os Três Cabras de Lampião |1962|Aurélio Teixeira
O Cabeleira|1963|Milton Amaral
Nordeste Sangrueto |1963|Wilson Silva
Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol|1963|Glauber Rocha
Lampião, o Rei do Cangaço |1964|Carlos Coimbra
Grande Sertão |1965|Geraldo Santos Pereira
Entre o Amor e o Cangaco |1965|Aurélio Teixeira
Riacho do Sangue |1966|Fernando de Barros
Gangaceiros de Lampião |1967|Carlos Coimbra
Dragão da Maldade Contra o Santo Guerreiro |1969|Glauber Rocha
Meu nome e Lampaio |1969|Mozael Silveira
Corisco, o Diabo Louro |1969|Carlos Coimbra
O Cangaceiro Sanguinário |1969|Oswaldo de Oliveira
O Cangaceiro Sem Deus|1969|Oswaldo de Oliveira
Quelé do Pajeú|1970|Anselmo Duarte
A Vingança Dos Doze |1970|Marcos Farias
O Ultimo Cangaceiro |1971|Carlos Melghulhao
FAUSTÃO, O CANGACEIRO DO REI |1971|Eduardo Couthino
Jesuíno Brilhante, O Cangaceiro |1972|William Cobett
Leão do Norte |1974|Carlos Del Pino
Fogo Morto |1976|Marcos Faria
Os Cangaceiros do Vale da Morte |1978|Apolo Monteiro

Rocha’s films I have on DVD, five films I don’t have, the rest more or less poor quality MP4 files.

Great List Morgan

I’m really not a connaisseur of Cangaço films, apart from Lima Barreto 1953 and Glauber Rocha ones, I really don’t know any DVD English friendly of those films, probably from that list apart part from the above mentioned you will only find Brazilian VHS editions. Mostly because they are only Known in Brasil or Brazil in English.

I remember seing on TV Oswaldo de Oliveira films and 1971 Faustão not much more, most of those directors went on to direct erotic comedies in the 70’s,

They still making cangaço films today, you can take a look at 2017 Netflix film “O Matador”