Non-American Westerns besides Italian westerns

I was thinking that is there any good non-American western besides Italian westerns?

One worth mentioning would be El Topo. But what about others, I think there must be a few Spanish westerns out there. A Russian western would be nice to see. :slight_smile:

There’s of course a lots of good Spanish westerns, Cut-throats nine etc. There’s at least one Russian western that I know of: Mexico in Flames starring Franco Nero and Ursula Andress but I haven’t actually seen it yet.

Oh. I had never noticed that cutthroats nine isn’t actually a spaghetti western.
That Mexico in Flames seems to be co-production of mexico, soviet union and italy. I just have to see that! :slight_smile:

Mexico in Flames !!! sounds goood

thats what i find from a russian site…

There is even a turkey western as you can see in the “Is it a SW?” topic. :slight_smile:

There are also two Finnish westerns:[/url]



Both remind much more spaghettis than American westerns.
The other one includes a funny scene which also refers to an actress we all know.

Here it is translated in english:

(Clyde lowers his pants and shows his butt to sheriff)

CLYDE: Well, how does it look like?
SHERIFF: Seems clean to me.
CLYDE: Anything else?
SHERIFF: Looks like someone had shot you in the ass with a blast of rock salt.
CLYDE: That’s right. It was Claudia, who shot me.
SHERIF: Your wife.
CLYDE: Yeah. Marrying Claudia was a cardinale-fuckup.
SHERIFF: Well, I think that we can get you a divorce. Let’s accuse Claudia of mental cruelty and holes in ass.


South African western: :slight_smile:
Three bullets for a long gun (1970)

Although it is not a true Western per se, the Japanese film ‘Tampopo’ has all the good stuff of SWs mixed with comedy related to food. I think the director himself called it a ‘Ramen Western’ which is very appropriate. The lead stuff sports a cowboy hat, stubble, a neck bandanna and even gets into a bar fight (well, a noodle-bar fight!). All in all a very good film and very, very funny.

A seen right from the beginning, to wet people’s appetite:

Looks like a sartana 1968 got a competitor in digging up old threads. :slight_smile:

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