No particular film, but style/atmosphere?

I’m in need of some new Spaghetti Westerns to watch and add to my collection. Can anyone recommend any extremely violent/brutal/bloody SWs? Think lesser known ones films because I’m aware of many well known ones. I’m also looking for some down and dirty SWs that have great camera angles, shaky shots, just overall strange (think Joe D’amato aka Aristide Massacessi’s direction and camera work.) Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

For anyone’s interest, some good suggestions could have been “A Hole in the Forehead” and “Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows.”

Try Fasthand is Still My Name. It is very violent and it’s torture sequences made me cringe. Also try Cut Throats Nine. The most violent one of the genre. I her Scalps is very violent and it’s extremely late filming period intrigues me (1987). Shanghai Joe is violent from what I’ve seen.

For the style and atmosphere films, try Yankee. You’ll hear it from me that this one is THE MOST stylish Spaghetti Western there is. At least in my opinion. Great camera work too. Pretty violent to boot. Also, California, Violent and very dark and moody. Man Called Noon is a good British western with great atmosphere and camera angles. Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead is slow and moody. Very suspenseful and mysterious. Good camera as well. Mannaja is violent, good camera work, dark atmosphere. I’d also recommend Night of the Serpent. Not violent and the camera work is nothing special but it has greatatmosphere and is very good. How about Matlo! as well.


Perhaps I’ll check out some of your suggestions. I already own Scalps (not as violent as everyone says, but it is good. Bruno Mattei is on of my favorite horror/exploitaion directors so I’m already inclined to like it,) Shanghai Joe (this is a good one, pretty violent) Shoot the Living… (a little boring but good none the less,) and Night of the Serpents (definitely a good one!) Oh yeah, Keoma should fit in too… Keoma is awesome.

California, Mannaja, Matalo do seem interesting from what I’ve seen, but I haven’t actually seen the films… perhaps I’ll have to check them out… As far as Yankee goes, I’ve never even heard of it… By your description, I think I’ll add that to my wantlist as well!

Thanks for your input!

I would highly recommend THE DIRTY OUTLAWS.

It’s not so violent or brutal in means of gore, but in menas of atmosphere. It also is very muddy (Mud is always goos for atmosphere)
And Arndrea Giordana is a great SW-actor.

Have u seen ‘Savage Guns’ (1971)? some times listed as film from 1968 and not to be misanderstud for a German western by same name from 1961. Check out the data base for a closer review.
It has alot of good violense and shootings. The music and atmosphere is awsome, but the directing and acting is not good at all. I loved it though, i have it on a sheep SW collection box.