No Joke

Quick question…

For discussion purposes, is there a term (or support group :wink: ) for a spaghetti western connoisseur that doesn’t care for films of the genre that contain overt amounts of slapstick comedy and corny sound effects? Is there perhaps some sub sub genre nomenclature that can quickly designate spaghetti western sans and/or spaghetti western con commedia?

Always just called them “Comedy Westerns” myself.

That’ll work just fine for me Yodlaf. Appreciated.

In Italian there’s the denomination Fagioli Western (Beans Western), referring to the beans eaten by Hill in the first movie

So Spaghetti = serious, Fagioli = comedy

The term never reached the English language, for obvious reasons (everybody knows spaghetti, few people know fagioli)


Very interesting.