Night of the Serpent / La notte dei serpenti (Giulio Petroni, 1969)

Hello, folks. My first post here, though I’ve lurked for a while.

I’m looking to find a copy of the film Le Notte del Serpenti, but my usual resources (VSoM, Wild East, BitTorrent) don’t have what I need. Anyone know of a place to find this one?

Hi there , you can pick an italian copy of it from cinectity:
search for night of the serpent

its priced a little steeply at £13.68 :-(( loads of other rare ones available there too
hope this helps

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The price isn’t so bad, but the language is an issue, as I don’t speak Italian. Hmm… now I’m conflicted.

hi , i searched high and low for an english version of this one too and im pretty sure its never been aired or released on vhs / dvd to date :’( that version on cinecity is the only one available
the good news is Naushad (southern DVD / 6 gun Cinema) was talking about putting this one out at some point in the future!! wether it happens or not is anyones guess but fingers crossed it does!!

i own the south african rights to this movie and will release it only over here in pal within 2 months. it will be pricy as well.$20

Awesome!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Good news! I’m also looking for this movie, and yes an English version doesn’t seem to be available anywhere. I just hope the Southern DVD release will materialise, I saw a year old post somewhere which already mentioned this was up for release :-\

This one should be out now on dvd with the title Ringo Kill! It’s being sold on ebay. Has anyone bought one?

And if so what was the quality like? Am especially interested in hearing if the ghosting problems are also an issue with the new releases.

A bit pricey release though in my opinion.

I have noticed he is selling his releases with ghosting problems cheaper now, and obviously you can better transfers of a couple of his releases on other labels aswell of course.

quality is brilliant on problems. next will be 10 killers from afar and one more to hell

Giulio Petroni has showed he has skill in the spaghetti western genre with a great film called tepepa. I have not heard much about this film and would like some information. Anybody got ay? Anybody seen it?

Already a topic for this one:,552.0.html

And there has been some conversation about this film on even another forum (Don’t know which one)
I remember the rev thought it was Petroni’s best movie

I watched it a few weeks ago, but want to watch it again before writing a review

Note: the title of that other topic is wrong, the Italian title is LA notte dei serpenti

I would really like t see view of this one. Petroni is a great director from what i’ve seen and this one sunds pretty good. You mentioned a while ago that you might do a review of the specialist. Is that still going to happen? I enjoy reading your reviews.

The score (from what I heard) sounds kinda like a crme movie score or film noir (?) Does this one resemble in any way a film noir?

It has at least a crime story.

The protagonist is a loser who gets involved in an insurance cheat for which he is choosen as scapegoat. Not your usual SW story in the 1st half, but the 2nd half comes back to more familiar genre standards.

[quote=“Stanton, post:16, topic:488”]It has at least a crime story.

The protagonist is a loser who gets involved in an insurance cheat for which he is choosen as scapegoat. Not your usual SW story in the 1st half, but the 2nd half comes back to more familiar genre standards.[/quote]

And it has Chelo.
I’ve got to watch this again soon.

As a filmaker I rate Petroni above Sollima.

Yeah. Tepepa sorta feels like a Sollima movie except a little less preachy. Except I like Sollima’s fims except Run, Man, Run which was far too episodic and rambling. But I have my eye out for this one.

The reason for this is writer Franco Solinas, probably the best political Italian screenwriter of the decade, involved in many political spaghetti westerns and art house movies as well

Interesting statement
In London Phil and I had a conversation about Sollima; we were both a bit puzzled by the fact that the rest of his work (his non-westerns that is) is so mediocre. I must say that I love The Big Gundown and Face to Face a lot, but (maybe) in the first place for the interesting sories and ideas. The Big gundown is a fabulous movie, once you’ve seen it, your ideas about the genre have changed. But is Sollima’s direction that brilliant?
I don’t know.
Last time I watched it, about twelve months ago I’d say, I found several scenes very well directed, others less so

I’m watching ace to Face right now and it’s a good one. Well made but not enough actin. Beside the point. Petroni did a rather well job at handling the episodic structure of A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof. Not enough action thee either but still a good moive. I think Sollima di a terrible job at structuring Run Man Run but a brilliant job at structuring Big Gundown. Gundown ha an epiosodic structure but being a mnahunt type western, it is natural for that to work there. I’m going to have to watch the Big Gundown agan soon. Maybe this weekend.