Nieves Navarro / Susan Scott?

I don’t know about you guys and gals but I’m getting tired of these hoaxes on the deaths of Spaghetti Western stars. George Hilton a few weeks ago and now Nieves Navarro. Enough’s enough already. >:(

Well I agree.

Good news to start the day…

Yes, it is all in very poor taste and just goes to highlight the precarious nature of internet based information. Very glad to hear it was untrue though. Miss Navarro is a personal favourite.

Here’s another agreeing to that!

I think it’s a disgrace, all these hoaxs about people being dead. Still, at least we know that it was just that: a hoax. Long may she live!

These sickos should get sentenced to 3 rounds in the ring or cage with me as punishment. I’ll make sure to beat the bad taste out of them.

Or if they are locked up in a room with me for a while I 'am pretty sure I will drive them insane.