Newbie: Looking to Buy and/or Trade for Much Needed Dvd's Please help!

Hi All,
Been reading this forum for awhile and just took the plunge and joined today. I am a huge movie fan who just got the SW bug about 4 months ago. Always loved the Leone films and finally started branching out and now I am totally hooked. I am one of those fans and collectors who devour DVD extras with interviews, so I have been hunting down all the disks I could find with those features from Wild East and Blue Underground/Anchor Bay. I have now run out of the DVD’s that are still available through normal channels. I am married with kids so I cannot mortgage the house to buy an out-of -print dvd so I thought I would post here and see if anyone had the titles below for a fair price or could sell me a DVD-R copy of the out-of-print discs I am looking for. Thanks!

Here is what I am looking for:

If You Meet Sartana, Pray For Your Death Wild East WE013
(Includes: Gianni Garko Interview)
Matalo! Wild East WE017 (Includes Lou Castel Interview)
Django Italo-Western Box Koch Media: Really just interested in the 2 Part/53 Minute “Mondo Garko” Gianni Garko Interview on discs: Django - 10,000 Blutige Dollar and Django - Der Bastard I would be interested in just the interview of course the two discs with the interviews and the movies would be a bonus.

Feel free to PM me or email me.

I hope I didn’t break any forum rules.

Thanks again!