Newbee just getting started & need help

(4ringo) #1

Aside from Eastwood’s movies, I have not seen Spaghetti westerns for 30 to 40 years.
I need help in finding English versions of the popular ones listed on this site.
Thanks, guys. I’m really excited over seeing some real good movies.

(Phil H) #2

Welcome 4ringo. Always good to have new members on the forum.
By the sounds of your first post you’re a fan of many years who is rediscovering old favourites. I was in your position a little while ago and have certainly found this site invaluable. My advice on the best place to start is to check out our Top 20 list. Here’s the link:

All of the best films are here (although everyone has their own tastes of course) and most of these are available in some form or other in an english language version (audio or subtitled). Info on DVD releases can be found on each film’s relevant page. I’m afraid that being a spaghetti fan means buying from all over the world these days but actually this becomes part of the fun. For the harder to find films there are a number of DVD-R versions kicking around and as a general rule you will usually find fans are always willing to trade films they have which do not have official releases.

Lastly, if there is a particular title you have trouble getting, or a film whose title escapes your memory, just ask on the forum. That’s what it’s for.


(Sebastian) #3

welcome, yes refer to the top 20 for starters, that’s a good way to start. in the Database, all movie pages have DVD sub pages informing you of all available DVD editions for the country you live in

(korano) #4

I also am new and I like the spaghettis with strange or very original plots. Suggestions please.

(Sebastian) #5

what do you define as strange? :wink:

(korano) #6

Maybe something that does not include revenge for a slughtered family or trouble with town boss, strange as in original and not cliched or overly used.

(korano) #7

Out of the ordinary I should say.

(Romaine Fielding) #8

You’ve eliminated 99% of Spaghettis!

(korano) #9

Well that is why I like the ones that dare to be different.

(Sebastian) #10

hm… two chicks raising hell (Viva Maria, The Petroleuses), two total idiots (And for a roof a sky full of dollars), a blind gunslinger (blindman), set in the snow with a mute hero (the great silence), or how about homosexuality (django kill…)…

(korano) #11

Thanks Sebastian. I have seen Blindman which I like probobly most becaude of its originality. I consider it the best SPW I’ve seen. I’ll check out viva maria as I’ve already seen great silence.

(Romaine Fielding) #12

Korano, if you like somewhat dark stuff check out El Puro, it’s got a freaky momment or two.
Have you seen Django Kill?

Yankee is pretty weird, so are:
Death Walks In Lardeo
Get Mean
Maybe Cut-Throats Nine, Duel In The Eclipse, Black Killer

(korano) #13

I Will check out el puro if I can get my hands on it. I plan to get death walks in laredo. I own Get Mean and i’ve seen cu throats nine. No I haven’t seen django kill. Thank you

(4ringo) #14

Thanks Phil H. Will do. My first buy is THE RETURN OF RINGO; RINGO; and A PISTOL FOR RINGO.
I do hope I can find them.

(4ringo) #15

Thanks Sebastian. Will get right to work.

(Ming) #16

If you want something strange try ‘Matalo!’, it’s pretty much as strange as they come, as is ‘Django Kill’.
Another recommendation is one of my personal faves ‘Keoma’. It doesn’t have a particularly original plot, but the treatment of the material is quite original & it is also quite mystical at times. The soundtrack is pretty strange though, and people love it or hate it.

(korano) #17

I have seen Matalo. But this is the second recommendation of django kill so I’ll have to see it. I love Keoma too. It is definetly one of the best spagheti westerns ever.

(Dorado) #18

I would also highly recommend that you see “Django Kill” its one of my personal favorites.

(korano) #19

That’s it. I’m going to see it. :slight_smile:

(korano) #20

[quote=“Dorado, post:18, topic:1206”]I would also highly recommend that you see “Django Kill” its one of my personal favorites.[/quote]On your guyes recomendation, I have rented Django Kill and will watch it tommorrow.