New Yojimbo remake series in the works


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A quote from the film "Dragged Across Concrete’,

“A bad idea, like canned lasagne” :grimacing:

well as I said elsewhere on Facebook: that’s what Kurosawa thought as well, in the 60s, and the result was mighty fine… so let’s just see


I’d be curious to see the concept as a Western TV show. I could see this as an Anthology series, a different Man With No Name going to a different town each season to take out the despot gangs running them. That’s just my wishful thinking and idea.

And I remember hearing somewhere that Kurosawa was flattered by Leone’s love of Yojimbo so much that he transported it to the Old American West, but fair is fair and he had to sue Leone for not asking him permission. Kurosawa even said in an interview once he actually made more money from the royalties and lawsuit of FOD and international sales of Yojimbo than from original Japanese ticket sales.

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If I’m not mistaken, he actually made more money on FOD than all of his own movies combined ? Heard this mentioned at a Christopher Frayling lecture … but, Sir Chris has been wrong in the past. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story :wink:

All they need is an actor as charismatic as the young Eastwood, a composer as talented as Morricone and a visionary director as incredible as Leone … no problem then! LOL :wink:

To quote from the article “The series will pull from this source material for an original, contemporary retelling of the story.” so it might well be more of a Longmire type story or nothing Western-ish at all…

I definitely agree with this:

Although my first instinct is to scream this:

I actually quite like the idea of something more contemporary though, as the report is suggesting; pulling something entirely new from a well-worn tale. I’d far prefer that than a flat-out remake (of either Yojimbo or A Fistful of Dollars), certainly. Not that I’m completely resistant to spags being remade - I was really looking forward to the proposed Cut Throats Nine remake which had some momentum several years ago but which appears to have, well, had its throat cut since - but AFoD doesn’t need it.

Let us not forget Fistful is also not the only remake of Yojimbo. Remember Last Man Standing (which I like btw)?

Which was actually closer to Yojimbo’s source material, Red Harvest, if I remember correctly?

I would say so, yes, but since it features lots of John Woo style gunplay and the depression era countryside setting, it has more of a western vibe to it. I dig it a lot

According to Teruyo Nogami, who belonged to the so-called Kurosawa group and was the script supervisor on Yojimbo, Kurosawa and his co-producer and co-scriptwriter Ryuzo Kikushima, who shared the film’s copyright, each received $100,000 in compensation and 15 percent of the international box-office receipts. Nogami said the whole affair turned out to be ultimately very profitable for both the Toho production company and Kurosawa. She also confirmed that Yojimbo was indeed an adaptation of Dashiell Hammett’s Red Harvest (as far as I know, Kurosawa himself preferred to remain vague on that question). All of the above information is taken from the book Akira Kurosawa und seine Zeit, pp. 139, 140, 302, 303.

I hate to admit this, but I think I would prefer an unoriginal, old-fashioned retelling. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t believe it will be good but I’ll watch it. So they won.

Where did you hear this? I always though the Dollars Trilogy could have a possible reboot.

Sounds interesting. I’d feel better about if they weren’t cashing in on the name.

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