New westerns!

After last year’s western rebearth, I searched the interent to see if it will continue to grow and was pleasently surprised. Many new westerns are soon to be released in 2008 and 2009. Here is alist of my findings.

  1. “Shoot First and Pray You Live.” Spaghetti revenge for murdered family theme. Starring Jim Gaffigan (!?!)

  2. “Appaloosa”.Similar plot as Magnificent Seven. Directed by and starring Ed Harris with Viggo Mortenson and Renee Zelweger.

3.“Gallowwalker”. Horror western filmed in Namibia, Africa. Starring Wesley Snipes.

  1. “The Good, the Bad, and the Weird.” A South Korean made “Manchurian” westerm. Set in 1930’s Manchuria.

  2. “Blood Meridian.” To be directed by Todd Field. From the book by Cormac Mccarthy.

I reckon Appaloosa will be the cream out of that crop.

How do you come to that conclusion?

It’s a wild guess but i’d say the cast, it does look good from the trailer also

I’ll have to check out the trailer but i’ve had my eye on Gallowalker.

Has anyone seen Appaloosa yet? Previews look good.

I am eagerly awaiting this one…Ed Harris kicks ass…!

Ive read Appaloosa and the film sticks very close to it it seems. I still want to see the film as IMO itll make a solid traditional western but its not the greatest story. And on a side note its not really Mag Seven like at all.

Blood Meridian Im not sure well ever see made but who knows.

Shoot First and Gallowalker sound interesting but that doesnt mean much in the end. EDIT: Never mind, watched the trailer to Gallowalker and besides the opening shots that are ok the rest of the trailer gets crappier and crappier as it goes along. I also watched a clip of Shoot First and it looks cheap and generic.

Looking forward to Shoot first and pray you live, here’s the cover:

Lucky Luke might be interesting.

Appaloosa was out in the U.S.A. a month ago. It could have been made in 1960, 1970 etc. It is an old time straight western. I enjoyed it very much. It has no Spaghetti western flavor strictly and old time American western. Great acting jobs by Harris and Mortensen. I would agree this is the best of the crop but I am also interested in seeing Gallowalker.

That’s great to hear Tom! Still waiting for this one to come to town…

Saw Appaloosa the night it came out. Agreed, its a good, old-time western and Harris and Mortensen did good jobs. Especially Viggo.

I am so fucking looking forward to “The good, the bad and the weird”. Afte Miike’s Sukiyaki Western another actioner from asia. Wonderful!

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:10, topic:1242”]Lucky Luke might be interesting.[/quote]

It can only be better than the last L.L movie with (urgh) Till Schweiger…

The new version of ‘3:10 to Yuma’ is very good too.