New western

When the infamous Indian renegade God Dog jumps his reservation and a family of innocent sod busters are massacred, a father and son murdered, and a mother and two daughters taken captive, a harrowing manhunt and desperate rescue mission must begin… KIT COPE RIDES THE HIGH COUNTRY



Speaking of again… this apparently unsupported novel (here, anyway) is listed among the top-ten bestselling new and future releases on fellas!

It’s all good (my apologies if I appeared to be hawking the book; that was not my intention. As the author of it I am interested only in getting people to read it!).

Well done - you deserve a pat on the back!

Thanks. It only took me 14 years :-).

My supreme goal has been to reinvigorate the western novel, and seeing Kit Cope Rides the High Country at number 1 is very satisfying.