New Western: The Scarlet Worm

Unless I’ve missed it, nobody seems to have mentioned this forthcoming independent Western. It features Dan Van Husen and Brett Halsey - appearing as ‘Montgomery Ford’ - in prominent roles, and the plot centres on that old Western standby… abortion.

Trailer is cool:

New to me, looks interesting

Good old Dan and Brett (sorry: Montgomery)

You can pre-order a Blu-Ray or dvd copy on amazon now.

It is currently ranked #79 in best selling Westerns section. The highest we ever were was around the 30’s if I’m not mistaken.

The distribution company desires a wider release so they’ve pushed this title back until April 24th.

The film has gotten nothing but positive reviews thus far on national publications but the following is the first review from a youtuber (also very positive).

Not sure how this vlogger got a copy before the release date…