New Terence Hill western!

(Tom B.) #1

I received a post card today from my good friend Neil Summers who says Terence Hill called him from Rome and asked him to be in a new western that he will begin filming in Santa Fe, New Mexico in October of 2008. I will keep you all informed as much as I can and with updates from Neil also.

(Bad Lieutenant) #2

Nice news!

(MunchhausenPL) #3

This news makes my day!

(CactusCharlie) #4

I can’t wait, Terence Hill rocks. 8)

(Paco Roman) #5

Good News ! ;D

(Phil H) #6

Yes, please keep us updated Tom. It will be interesting to see how that develops and good news indeed if it all comes to pass.

(AceHigh) #7

Hope this pans out!

(Yodlaf Peterson) #8

Let’s hope it’s better than the Lucky Luke stuff.

(Lasky) #9

I was thinking exactly the same thing.