New Spaghetti Western music!

Hi everyone, just popping in here after who knows how many years to let you know about something I found.

Thought you all might like to check this out, it’s really good. Really gets the vibe, especially the desolation of the west.

Delrei -Desolation and Radiation


Lovely to see you around again mate. If only briefly.
And thanks for the link. Sounds great.

Glad to stop in and say hi!

This place has grown into something so amazing.


Howdy there, man, good to see you’re doing okay, it’s always nice talking to people from the old days of the forum showing up after all these years. Makes you miss the old times, the internet used to be a much better place in some ways.

It was, but in some other ways it’s better.

I do miss watching spags, but time and other interests (focusing a lot on my music) has taken me away from that. Plus, I’ve seen all the best, and one can only watch so many Fidani films, too :wink:

Well, I certainly do not miss all the fuzzy Xvid rips and meritless bootlegs, that’s for sure. :laughing:

People seemed somewhat more passionate about the things they discussed and would talk at length about them instead of talking about themselves all the time, but maybe that’s just nostalgia.

I hear you. Well, you can pop in now and then, watch a film and then take your leave which is what I have been doing for the past couple of years, most people here tend to reassemble in November. A new Fistful of Pasta review would not go amiss too. :wink:

In the meantime, I shall upload the rest of the Fistful of Pasta archives, I do find them endearing. I find that their simplicity lends them an air of guilelessness, I cherish their bloggy, down-to-earth nature so to speak.

Ah, yes, the endless XVID depository from Cinemageddon. I hear ya about the self-centeredness, though. It’s as though half of the world is in a cult of the self nowadays.

I still have about 20 or so spags from my massive collection that I haven’t seen, so who knows? Maybe I’ll make a reappearance with you fine folks again.

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