New Spaghetti Western Guide (Crowdfunding Project)

(Jaime) #1

After three years of hard work the 400 pages book is ready… help us to make possible this dream !!! thanks!!!

(Sebastian) #2

So you want to print out the SWDb :wink:

(Søren) #3

Looks nice. But all the text is in Spanish I take it?

(Jaime) #4

Hello, thanks for your interest in the book. For now the book will be only in Spanish, is not sure there will be an English edition. The book although is in Spanish is very graphic, it has lots of images, posters, frames. … i3 years of hard work are into it!!!

(Asa) #5

Looks beautiful my friend. Not having an English translation is going to prove problematic though, I fear. Best of luck with it, amigo.

(Jaime) #6


(Bible Joe) #7

Good luck with your project!
How many films did you include in your book, if I may ask?

(Jaime) #8

all euro westerns from 1962 til 1978

(Novecento) #9

Yes best of luck. It looks impressive from the few photos.

The images and photos will obviously make it quite different from say Marco Giusti’s “Dizionario del western all’italiana”. Is the written content also substantially different (apart from it being in Spanish rather than Italian of course) ?

(Jaime) #10

totally different, its a new project… one of the most important thing you can find in the book are all the original posters of the films restored digitally afeter months of hard work finding them… the wrtiter,Valen, is graphic designes and he has restored them during this years

(Sebastian) #11

Congrats on raising the money!