On March 10th, the good man behind the FISTFUL OF PASTA website has posted a review of my book FISTFUL OF FEET here the SWDB. It’s a bizarro homage to spaghetti westerns (and to a smaller extent, the giallo genre).

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The review is here:

I believe some of the other SWDB editors have copies of it so hopefully there will be other reviews coming soon.
Take care!

Hope it sells well for you :wink:

Hey, Jordan. I had a copy with me on my skiing trip and it was better than what Austrian tv had to offer :wink:
I´m not an avid reader, but it was really easy for me to get into this one. Plenty of weird stuff going on. I think you went a bit overboard with all the spaghetti references. They seemed to detract a bit from the story. But that´s just a minor quibble. Also detected some giallo references, Short Night of Glass Dolls if I remember correctly.
Overall a very entertaining read, that would make a cool movie.

Writing a review of an own work is a bit strange…

Bad Lieutenant- Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I probably did go overboard… but I just had to many things I wanted to reference! :slight_smile:

Dillinger- I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear. I didn’t write the review. John from FISTFUL OF PASTA did. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Yodlaf - Thanks!!

I’ve started to read this piece a couple of days ago and think it’s pretty good so far. I’ll post my opinion when finished…

Thanks, I hope you like it!!