New Lou Pecci CD - "Rare Elvis Six String"

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Just an FYI - I have a new CD out called “Rare Elvis Six String.” I don’t know if it’s something anyone would be interested in, but you can preview the tunes at this link - -

and below are two reviews in full which give some details.



Crawfish / Marguerita / I Need Somebody To Lean On / All I Needed Was The Rain / City By Night /
Clean Up Your Own Backyard / That’s Someone You Never Forget / You’ll Be Gone /
It’s Still Here / I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

What we have here is another refreshing album from American guitarist Lou Pecci. Lou uses guitars and guitars alone: there are no drums, no bass and no keyboards – just his acoustic and electric guitars. The result has a surprisingly satisfying quality that’s down to the rich six-string sounds and the clarity of their presentation; the absence of any other backing allows every nuance of Lou’s playing and arrangements to shine through.

The critical word in the title is “Rare”, for this is not a case of simply re-treading familiar old Elvis Presley favorites. Instead Lou has selected half a dozen comparatively obscure songs from Elvis’s film soundtracks (tracks 1-6), added the only two that he reportedly had anything to do with the writing of (tracks 7 & 8), “It’s Still Here” which Elvis recorded with only piano accompaniment, and then finishing on the Hank Williams song that Elvis described as "probably the saddest song I’ve ever heard."
The mournful drone of “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” certainly makes for a plaintive conclusion to this collection, but there are plenty of joyous moments along the way. “Crawfish” (from “King Creole”) has a lively bounce and infectious rhythm work, while “Clean Up Your Own Backyard” (from “The Trouble With Girls”) scoots along over twin rhythm guitars. My favorites, however, are the Spanish-flavored pieces “Marguerita” (“Fun In Acapulco”) and in particular “You’ll Be Gone” which succeeds in being both melancholic and uplifting. Another rewarding listen from Lou. Alan Taylor - Pipeline Magazine, Issue 105, Summer 2017


On his 2016 CD, “Cinema Standards On Guitar,” Lou Pecci cut a whole album of standard songs everyone knows and loves. In 2017, Lou is back with his long promised instrumental guitar tribute to the music of the late great Elvis Presley.

Elvis, of course, wasn’t fully known as a songwriter but a song stylist, which isn’t to say he didn’t have an ear for great songwriters - he did. On the ten-track 2017 CD release of “Rare Elvis Six String,” Lou once again blends his deftly performed acoustic and electric guitars and inherent fret board percussion on an album of all instrumentals that is filled with surprises.

Kicking off with “Crawfish”, from the 1958 Elvis movie “King Creole,” Lou’s new album moves on to feature guitar instrumentals of music Elvis sang and featured in his world renowned movies “Fun In Acapulco,” “Viva Las Vegas,” “Double Trouble” and more. Lou’s covers of “That’s Someone You Never Forget” and “You’ll Be Gone” are two songs that Elvis Presley actually had a hand in writing, as is mentioned in Lou’s liner notes. The CD closes out with Lou’s guitar instrumental cover of the Hank Williams-penned “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”, a song Elvis called “probably the saddest song I’ve ever heard”, and that Elvis covered on his 1973 television show, “Aloha From Hawaii”. On “Rare Elvis Six String,” guitarist Lou Pecci puts an all instrumental guitar spin of some of Elvis Presley’s more rare recordings and comes up with something new and different for both guitar and Elvis fans. Robert Silverstein,, 2017

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