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Pipeline Magazine Review - Spring 2016 - Issue 100

We introduced American guitarist Lou Pecci in our last issue and highlighted his refreshing and individual style of recording with a guitar playing the melody accompanied by backing guitars. His latest offering continues with this format on a set of standards that were further popularized when they were used in films. So, provided by the likes of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter and Rodgers & Hart, the material is nothing less than first class and makes for a readily accessible set. Lou’s multi-guitar arrangements fit the bill perfectly to complete some very easy listening for guitar fans.

A couple of tracks standout and they are quite surprising titles. First there’s “Over The Rainbow” which I thought had been sung to death, but Lou certainly brings it to life with his sprightly arrangement and nimble picking. The other is “Caravan”, a popular instrumental cover particularly notable for being a drum feature. Here we have no drums but Lou maintains a fast rhythm and works around the theme to hold your interest on its full length of nigh on four minutes. It’s quite stunning.

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FYI - Lou Pecci - “Cinema Standards on Guitar” CD review - Vintage Guitar Magazine

“These ’60s-style guitar instrumentals are truly old school, à la studio men Billy Strange or Vic Flick. Lou plays duets of “Over The Rainbow,” “It’s Only A Paper Moon,” and “Caravan” with nary a trace of irony – indeed, the music is a time warp back to an era when a guitarist could cut an LP of standards and sell many a copy. In 2016, Pecci’s authentic covers sound sweet and refreshing.” – Pete Prown, Vintage Guitar Magazine, August 2016 issue