New global dvd -revenge of sartana-

I just got the new global release -revenge of sartana- aka Murieta
absolute great picture quality, uncut, english audio and a very decent price for a movie that has come out for the first time with english audio.

if you are looking for the dvd yourself you can find it here

great movie! I heard the that his next release will be an english version of -NIGHT OF THE SERPENT- :o
but it will be released under an other title, I believe gringo kill…

30 bucks? and I thought Buoi Omega is expensive… jeeezus

Wow what a bargain!!! … I think I might just order two (not).

I think shootgringoshoot is the same guy as warrior.

Well spotted !, and I think I have to agree (unless proven otherwise).

firstly ,i am not shootgringo. secondly if you think this one was expensive ,then wait for night of the serpent. it will be close to $40

I’m pretty sure he’s not. First of all look at the guys previous posts, am pretty sure Naushad wouldn’t post in the German part of the forum. Also it doesn’t ‘sound’ like him + he gave the wrong title for the new release, which is Ringo Kill and not Gringo Kill.

Haha, could have been him though. Plugging warrior’s releases and all. Anyway, shootgringoshoot, there’s already a topic about this release.

Interesting sales pitch. Never seen that tactic used before.

yep.its an expensive title. personally i thought the movie was crap,but its in great will be available from monday.