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I don’t see any reason for any limitation. If one wants to answer with one word, he should be able to do this without adding senseless other words to get over the character limit.

So you don’t want a smiley only reply then make it a short word limit, 4 or 5 characters?

Why not a smiley-only reply? If one want to answer that way, don’t hinder him.

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I completely get the reason behind the limitation, it was meant to encourage meaningful discourse instead of on-off interview style chats. However, I am inclined to side with @stanton here, I mean if someone wants to answer with a “jeez” then why the hell not :wink:

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It’s a valid argument of course, but short responses are more suited imho to live chatrooms, Twitter, things of that nature where you would never keep pace with any part of any conversation if everybody was tweeting a 300-word article. A forum isn’t “live”, it’s like a game of postal chess. Users have time to digest what’s been said and proffer a response or relevant missive which contributes positively and constructively to the discussion at hand or, at least, to the thread subject. These threads are going to be out there for a while, serving as reference tools not only for those of us here now but for the guy who joins up tomorrow,or in August, or in three years’ time.

If someone wants to answer with a “Jeez”,why not? Why not indeed. Conversely, if all one has to add is “Jeez”, do they really need to get that out there that badly? Some of the threads on here are fascinating. The Giallo thread for instance is pretty much a bible of the genre for newcomers, intermediate enthusiasts and hardcore fucking giallo-sciples. Not sure how tolerable it would be if every post worth reading was sprinkled here and there amongst a sea of “Whatevs”, “Looooooool!”, “Win!”, et cetera. Nothing wrong with a singular grunt of approval/disapproval of course, but those are throwaway responses of no further value past their utterance. Great for live conversation and social networks, but largely unnecessary on a forum and outright redundant whenone looks back at an archived thread topic.

Some people on other forums,that’s all they do. A word or two to declare their endorsement/rejection of this or that,without necessarily adding to the discussion. 3000 posts in 18 months yet despite more-or-less flooding the boards, you can’t recall them actually having said a thing. You know?

Now I’m not suggesting Sir Stanton wants to abandon his usual brand of curmudgeonly-yet-encyclopaedic insight and respond henceforth exclusively in the style of a Magic Eight Ball. Indeed, Stanton’s cache here is such that a word from him will likely be as well-received as it is impeccably timed. Same goes for any of the forty or so most frequent contributors, let’s be honest. But that shit spreads, like rising damp, ,ebola, or Simon Cowell.

If we want a quick off-the-cuff chinwag, can’t we do that on Twitter or Facebook, or Grindr?

Merely IMO, of course.


How does this affect the links in the DB? Will they still work or have to be updated?

they will still wor or get automatically changed to https once you click on them. The internal ones in the SWDb will already be https from now on

Clicking on the link from the database to the forum …

… takes me to this page:

I’m on it. They should be forwarded, but I guess in the long run we should replace those old links with new ones that don’t even have to be forwarded

From Forum Updates

Good, even though there’s a small problem: main categories, when you click any of those, include all sub-categories threads without “deselection” option.

What about moving the five threads written in brackets (SWDB Spaghetti Western Hall of Fame, Sub-genres, “Hidden Gems” List, My Spaghetti Western Journey….and Recommendations? and What type of horse do they use in movies like: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly…The Trinity movies) in the appropriate Town Hall category and at the same time FORCA PER TRE VIGLIACCHI-1972-Alessandro Santini in the Spaghetti Westerns category?

I’m not quite sure I understand. Can you specifiy what you mean or what you encounter that you don’t like or what you’re missing here?

done, and…


Thanks a lot!

In the Spaghetti Western category pertinent threads are mixed with Lost & Found and Eurowestern & Hybrids topics, and the same happens with the three sub-categories in the Town Hall: I can watch sub-categories separately simply clicking on them, but apparently this isn’t possible with main categories.

Ah I see what you mean. I am sure this is a setting somewhere that I could change

Ok so basically, when you enter a top category it shows topics from all its subcategories by default. You could by hand change that filter, see screenshot:

However, it seems like you’re not the only one who ever noticed or lamented this behavior.

I will keep an eye out, if they introduce a setting to force that…

OK, thank you again!

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Same problem again. Links from the database to the forum don’t work.

Can u give one specific example? I will have a look and pass it on. In the long term we should replace them all with the correct links to avoid the forwarding being a source of error. Thanks for pointing it out!

Yes, of course. For example, the link from this database page to the corresponding forum page doesn’t take you there but to this page. We had that problem before, now again. Strange, because it already worked fine.

Thanks, I passed it on and it will be fixed. In the meantime everyone, whenever we see links that do not yet point to the real, correct, URL of this forum (but to the topics of the previous adress-structure and in need of forwarding), we can update those links as much as we can