New fan of spaghetti westerns, opinion on Sergio leone films

hello, everyone, Sibelius here.

I’ve been a fan of Sergio Leone’s film are quite a number of year now, and they are the only Spaghetti westerns that I know off. I did not realize the wealth of movies in 1960’s and 70’s was so huge in Italy’s movie industry. I’ve seen Lee Van Cleef in number of films, high noon, the man who shot libety valence and others, and he’s a great actor. The idea that he is a leading star in many of these films makes me very excited. of leone’s trilogy I say GBU is my favorite. Once upon a time in the west was film introduced to me by way of turner classic movies in it’s restored form, and was flabbergasted. I believe this is the most artistically minded western I have ever seen and I love it. Too bad not many films today can qualify with that description. I recently order through amazon the Sabata Trilogy, based on the opinion I read on this board. I believe I will like them.
One final thing. Why is it the all the interesting films on this site only seem to be based on region 2 dvd? Why can’t we get these movies here? America after all : is the biggest movie market in the world. :’(

well, sometimes the publishing business is a bit bizarre.

welcome to the board!

PS: get a multi-region dvd player and just import them :wink:

Maybe spaghettis are not quite as popular in the States as they are in Europe?

But at least there’s Wild East who are releasing some interesting spaghettis!

Btw, hope the database is of use to you :slight_smile:

But Wild East, Anchor Bay and Blue Underground are RC1 releases…

yeah the situation is really not that bad. but a multi-region dVD player certainly helps