New dvd company?

i saw somebody selling some spaghetti western dvds on ebay
here is the link:
i got in contact with the seller and asked them if these are on the up and up.
they said that these are titles being put out by a underground dvd company in latin america.
does any body have any advice? i really want to buy one.

Bootlegs on dvdr. Couldn’t you already tell by looking at the horrible covers? There;s no company behind it.
Bottom of their listings read:

This film is either in the p. d., or has been reproduced under license. Please DO NOT remove this auction, as it is in compliance with ALL eBay policies. Please email if you have further questions about our product.

sorry for posting the link, i thought it was a FRANCO CLEEF DVDR type of deal.
sorry again for posting bad lieutenant you can put a lock on the tread if you want.

The guy who sells them mainly uses Spanish T.V prints and dubs an english track onto. I have got some in trades but would not pay for them. Cine City advertises them as real dvd’s in their Spaghetti western section, and charges 19.95 or 18.95 euro’s for one disk…naughty man.

i know i should not have to pay for a dvdr ennioo but i always do as nobody around here is ever willing to swap/trade with me when i ask. oh well i guess the only person you can count on is myself ;D