New Al Mulock information

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I have been researching Al Mulock for years and finally found a e-mail for a relative who has worked on the family genealogy. She sent me an e-mail with some of the following information on Al. This disagrees with what is on IMDb. I’ve * the information Lenora Mulock provided me. I pass it on for anyone interested.

MULOCK, Al (aka Al Mullach, Al Mulloch, Al Muloc, Alfred Muloc, Alfred Mulock) (Alfred Mulock Rogers) [6/30/1926, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – 5/?/1968, Gaudix, Spain] – originated Red Barn Theater in Toronto (1949), committed suicide while filming “Once Upon a Time in the West.”

Al Mulock was a stage actor who was born in Toronto, Canada June 30, 1926. *He is a descendent of William Mulock, the former postmaster general of Canada. *His parents were Adele Cawthra Mulock and Alfred Rogers of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. *He was married to Catharine Ellison. *They had no children. The couple purchased the Red Barn Theater in Totonto in 1949. Sometime in the 1950s Al moved to England where he became active in British television and films. According to Mickey Knox’s book Al was a drug addict and committed suicide in Gaudix, sometime during the shooting of the opening scenes of “Once Upon a Time in the West.” Knox said Al couldn’t get a fix and jumped from his hotel window. Knox and production manager Claudio Mancini saw him fall pass their window. Mancini put Al in his car and drove him to a local hospital where he died from his fall. Sergio Leone was said to have told Mancini to make sure he “got the costume” back for the shooting of the film as Al apparently jumped wearing his duster and outfit from the film.

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I’ve read before that Leone wanted the costume that Al Mulock was wearing, and seemed more interested in that than the fact that a man was dead. Who can say for sure if it’s true exactly but it does make Leone sound like a bit of a bastard! :-\

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He probably needed it for the double. The show must go on. lol

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Leone was so heartless… :’( They should have buried poor Al in his costume. :’(

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[quote=“Sean Mallory, post:4, topic:657”]Leone was so heartless… :’( They should have buried poor Al in his costume. :’([/quote] Like Bela Lugosi in his cape?

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Yes. It would have been stylish.

It’s so sad to see OUATITW and know Al ended so… :’( That’s why he has less screen time as Jack and Woody, isn’t it?

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He is also uncredited in OUATITW, which seems very petty and wrong.

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[quote=“Cian, post:7, topic:657”]He is also uncredited in OUATITW, which seems very petty and wrong.[/quote]Did he get any credit in GBU? I don’t remember. It’s such a small part, and he was basically unknown to anyone. Obviously, even people he worked with didn’t know him very well. I don’t remember hearing about this story in the docs. But, I have heard the story before.

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In Day of Anger he had a little longer part, but the typical… bad guy killed fast by Lee van Cleef. But he’s beating Gemma ;D ;D ;D

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He is really good in this one, and plays the part well.