Need some suggestions

I’ve seen the man with no name trilogy and pretty much anything Eastwood has done but was looking for some suggestions on good spaghetti westerns to watch. Im looking to buy once upon a time in the west and Fistful of Dynamite. What are some others to look into?

the Ringo films
Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead
Night of the Serpent
Death Rides a Horse
Day of Anger
The Mercenary
Massacre Time
Big Gundown
Face to Face
Cemetery Without Crosses

Hi Vin, and welcome to the forum.

I can’t find much to disagree with on the list korano just gave you, I would just add that Django, Big Gundown, and Day of Anger would probably be the best ones for you to watch first, as they are most certainly some of the the best of the non-Leone westerns, and important in terms of the genre, as well. You’ll love Sergio Leone’s Once Upon the Time in the West, one that is many people’s top 5.

Welcome Vin.
For someone new (like me) I would agree & say first see Death Rides A Horse & then Django (after the man with no name trilogy these are top 2 for me) then…

Ace High (ELi Wallach, in the same realm as Good Bad & Ugly)
Per 100,000 Dollar Ti Ammazzo AKA Vengeance Is Mine (very underrated)
Sabata (Lee Van Cleef, say no more)
My Name Is Nobody (Henry Fonda is great, get to know Terrence Hill’s comdic style
Navajo Joe (once you get over that it’s Burt Reynolds…)
Companeros (revolution, Thomas Millian, Franco Nero, Jack Pallance & mayhem)
Great Silence (Klauss Kinsky, cold hearted killing & lots of snow!)
God Forgives, I Don’t (violent & gritty, try to get the widescreen version)

& Korano’s list…especially

Blindman (a blind gunslinger with great aim & better one liners)

Let us know what you think & be honest, even if it’s an unpopular opinion.

Welcome to the forum Vin.

I would also recommend some of the c- or d-class stuff. Let’s say things like:

Black Killer
W Django
Apocalypse Joe
Price of death

I think, it’s also important to watch stuff like that. When I started my active SW-career some time ago, I also watched those movies.
If vin is offered all the big ones and classics, there’s no “good” stuff left tobe discovered. A SW fan has to dig himself also through a pile of shit and dirt to discover some treasures…

I think he should just watch the Blue Underground releases to start with.

how about starting with these:

I wouldn’t say Apocalypse Joe or Price of Death are C or D stuff. Joe was shot in Spain for the location scenes and it wasn’t shot in those crappy pits around Rome. It may not be best but it isn’t C or D.

That said, watching the C or D stuff can be really boring. But would be an interesting place to start. But not wise. But your inclusion of films like Black Killer, Cjamango, W Django is all correct.

Well when I first started out I watched the Leones first followed by most the more well known SW’s like some of the Van Cleefs and Neros and Hill/Spencers, Corbuccis, Sollimas etc…

Than I gradually worked my way down to the lesser known SW’s like Sartana, Steffen, Garko, Peter Lee Lawrence, Craig Hill etc…

Than from there I worked my way down to peices of trash like Bounty Killer in Trinity etc… LOL

Basicaly, after the Leones, expect a downhill slide LOL. But its a fun ride anyway.

But then there is the upshot of the twilight spaghettis.

I think it is great to ask for suggestions.

When I started out I just purchased a film and most of the time I knew nothing about the film. It cost me very little as purchased most stuff second hand very cheap, so did not matter whether the film was not so good. Never go by books and reviews as this most of the time is just one persons view, and always like to make my own mind up. I also find this way more fun, and I often like films that are not talked about as much as others. I appreciate though everyone is different and does not like this method, and factors like time and money come into play.

Welcome to the forum Vin.
Some others:
A Gun for One Hundred Graves
Requiem for a Gringo/Duel in the Eclipse
Massacre Time
Django the Bastard
The Grand Duel
They Call Me Trinity


Rattler Kid
Trinity & Sartana
Kid Vengeance
Django Story

I think, mow vin has got quite a list…

I hope he has enough cash.

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:15, topic:1643”]Rattler Kid
Trinity & Sartana
Kid Vengeance
Django Story[/quote]

Methinks BL is yanking Vin’s chain. ;D

I had no real plan when I sterted my collection… I just bought everything that came along…

Love it when a plan comes together.