Need some help from a Germany Member of the group

I’m trying to buy a dvd from a website that supposedly ships worldwide, but it denies knowing of my address in the UK. What I am asking for is simple. I need to send someone the money to cover the cost of the dvd, then they can ship it over to me. I will happily pay for postage to the UK as well.

I’ve worked out the total cost of it as 9.99 EURO + 4.90 EURO for inside Germany shipping, plus when the dvd is sent to me, I’ll send you the cost of the postage back.

Anyone interested, please PM me, I’ve been trying to find this dvd for a while for a cheap price. According to the site, I think there’s more than one copy.

Would it help if I mentioned it was the Koch media release of Dead Men Ride? Anyone?

I was looking for that one until very recently.

I snagged mine from for around 22 euros.

my advice to you is to keep an eye on the listing until one shows up for a reasonable-ish price.

let me know if you come across the Koch Django or Halleluja Italo Western box sets as im still looking for those :slight_smile:

Will do. I check all the amazons on a regular basis, so I’ll make sure to keep a note on the box sets. I luckily got the Django Box set for 24 pounds around two years ago.