Need help with title!

Hello to All !!!

I am new around here, but spaghetti westerns are my area of interest since I was little kid. When find some time, I like to see a good SW. This forum and website will be of great use.

Today I need your help related to one title. It’s a SW movie which I saw long time ago as a kid. Not sure about actors, but i can give you few things related to plot.

[i]Two guys are in search for buried gold or money. First is somebody like Terence Hill, and second one somebody like Eli Wallach, as said I don’t remember exact actors but I am giving these name to have some clue.

First one is sometimes called Maggiore. They have some kind of map which they need to follow in order to find gold.
There is a scene at cemetery when they dig a grave to find another clue. Also I remember the scene from the some sort of mine. The second guy was down there and he finds the corpse of guy called Pit.

At very end of the movie these two guys play some sort of Russian roulette where Maggiore is better but he doesn’t let other guy to shoot himself either.[/i]

That’s pretty much I remember. I saw this movie maybe 20 years ago. Any help related to the title would be much appreciated…

After long search I somehow find my movie through your database. It’s Three Bullets for a Long Gun.

After all, it’s not so known eurowestern. I will watch it later to see why I liked this movie so much as little kid…

ah, didn’t recognise it from your description but it’s a very entertaining film.