Need help remembering movie

Hey guys, need help with finding this movie I watched on TV as a kid.
It started on a coach, a youg guy was on it, and so was an old lady who had a dog. Then three dirty bandits came and stole the dog, and took the young guy with them. Turns out his father was one of their associates or something. But he isn’t some dirty bandit, he even takes a bath outdoors, which the three bandits find surprising. Then the young guy falls in love with the town’s corrupt tycoon’s or sheriff’s daughter, but the bandits teach him their ways, so he fights and gets the girl in the end.
Thank you.

That’s Man of the East with Terence Hill.


Yep. Sounds familiar

Yeah, that’s it! It’s been on my mind for so long. Thank you!

Well done, Bill_san_Antonio!