Need Help - Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I watched sw since i was a little boy (born 1970) in the theaters.
I am looking for a very specific movie.

There a three things i remember clearly.

I believe the story line goes like this : an outlaw or somebody on the run finds a white woman with her halfbreed child (now my memory becomes flimsy - i dont know for sure if she is pregnant or if she has a child with her). I only know he takes her with him and they hide in the mountains where he lives with her and the child.

A scene i remember very well, is the man says that she stinks, but she will not go in the river to bathe, so he throws her in.

The third thing i remember best is this quote : " The difference between a man and a Comanche is, a man ride his horse until it cant walk anymore. Then a Comanche comes along and rides it another ten miles".

Excuse my english, please help me with the title.

The quote is from The Searchers, the rest not.

My memory’s not so good either - but it might be worth lookin’ at the non-sw Duel at Diablo as well.

hahahaha this scene sounds hilarious.

how about Soldier Blue

I do not know the answer, but I do not think it is Soldier Blue.

Could it be Jeremiah Johnson?
Not a spaghetti but he takes an indian woman up into the mountains and there is a boy too.

What about the spaghettiesque US western, Macho Callahan. Never seen it but I’m familiar with it’s plot.

That’s not a bad guess, I think.
I saw Macho Callahan once, and it’s a very bizarre movie. There’s a woman in it, and the relationship between her and MC is quite bizrre. If I’m not mistaken he takes her by force and still she starts loving him.
Not politically correct, but they say it happens …

I’m at same situation searching a film. Saw a trailer on old VHS when a boy, the plot was a game which take the attendant to a past U.S war like American Revolution or the Civil War, and obviously the one had to survive, does anybody?