Need help finding films with merely small plot descriptions


Quite a while ago I was looking into the spaghetti western genre, and it’s known and lesser-known movies.
A few days ago I started to retrace my steps and find some gems I was unaware of. I’ve (re)found most of the movies from my research, aside from two.
Sadly I can only remember vague plot descriptions from websites such as this one and IMDB.

The first one involves a man who either is a priest or has become a priest not too long ago, leaving his house/farm to find revenge.
The second I merely remember the description being that it involves someone trying to avenge his family and him being tracked by a man who knows more about his past than he lets on.

Sorry if the descriptions are vague, I’ve just been buggered by not being able to find these movies for the past few days.
Any help would be desperately appreciated.

The first one probably is A Gun for One hundred Graves:,_Una

The second one sounds like Death Rides a Horse, but that is a very well-known spaghetti western, so probably you’re looking for another movie inspired by it:

Could be this one:!

Thanks for the reply.

Regarding Death Rides a Horse, I indeed assume it is a movie inspired by it, as they seem to share similar premises. Having seen it though I know it’s a different film.

The other movie could very well be Gun for a hundred graves, though I’m fairly certain the main character himself was a priest, finding conflict in his desire for revenge and his faith.
I’ll check it out soon and report back if nothing else comes up.

Son of Django[/url]?

Dead for a Dollar?

Not [url=]God’s Gun,_Il, surely?

Thanks for the reply.

Luckily it’s not God’s Gun.
The other two titles don’t ring a bell, though from what I can find it’s not the movies I found in my original search.

The Executioner of God?

Reverend Colt?

Or maybe Chrysanthemums for a Bunch of Swine? ;D

Challenge Of The McKennas?