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Alright, thanks for clarifying. And do you know if that Western Triple Feature is region 0 like the database says, or is it region 1 like the image says?

I believe the seperate releases from BU were region free so it would be weird if these were not. Maybe someone can confirm.

I would never trust Amazon on this, but also never blindly trust the SWDb. The BU releases are most certainly region free, especially if the single releases were…

I had a look on BU’s website, and even there it says the triple feature is region 1. I just tried to contact them via Twitter to be sure, so hopefully they’ll answer soon.

It says region 0 also on the

But elther way dvd region locking shouldn’t be a major deal in 2019. 20 years ago sure but most dvd players can be made region free with a few magic presses on the remote. Look up your player and see if you can’t find a recope for that particular one.

I just got an answer from BU:

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Still. DVD region locking is not a problem in 2019. You are bound to end up with a very limited movie collection if that is going to stop you :slight_smile:

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I know, but I use my PlayStation 3 and 4 to watch DVDs and Blu-Rays. :stuck_out_tongue:

great that they replied, we should update this info in the database accordingly

Ah :slight_smile: I use my xbox one x for UHD discs but find it kind of tedious without a dedicated remote (plus not too happy about the performance) so thinking of getting a standalone player.

@Admin, is it just me or do all the pages in the DB give an error that start with … (an ellipsis) i.e.…e_per_tetto_un_cielo_di_stelle ?

Need to investigate. It used to be no problem if titles started with …
In fact it worked until very recently

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