Need a film title

All I remember was the plot was about this tan outlaw kid, maybe with blonde hair, I think he might have been Mexican. The whole movie was about him getting chased by a posse. I’m pretty sure at one point he kills his mother’s boyfriend of whatever and steals his gun and really likes it.

He is usually always hiding and kills people from far away. At one point in the movie, I think about the end, he’s hiding in some tall brush, and one guy just stands up and starts walking towards him, letting the outlaw kill him. I can’t remember any of the names of the actors.

Sorry if this isn’t enough information, and I really don’t know if this is a Spaghetti western or not.

Maybe if you have a look at a Spaghetti Western actors page like Shobary’s you culd identify some actors:

This is Streets Of Laredo, amigo:

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[quote=“Silence, post:3, topic:2311”]This is Streets Of Laredo, amigo:

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